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The Beacon Hill Times's
Beacon Hill Survival Guide

What is it? The Beacon Hill Survival Guide is an eagerly awaited, annual,
envelope-size brochure that gives new residents the information they need
to live here as easily as possible. It lets everyone in on the secrets of
parking, pets and posh living. It lays down the rules on trash, tickets
and towing. It gives the phone numbers of the organizations through which
new residents can meet people and begin to feel a part of the neighborhood.

It also has Beacon Hill's best map, so newcomers won't get lost.

Who gets it? New residents and many old ones. During the year we give out
6000 copies to real estate brokers, the Beacon Hill Civic Association and
area shops. The attractive format, the important information, and the fact
that it is prepared by the trusted neighborhood newspaper means that it
flies off shelves. It ends up on a lot of refrigerators and desks so it
will be handy when a resident needs to solve a problem.

What's in it? A good-looking map. Phone numbers of city officials and others
who can solve problems of living here. The definitive guide to how to handle
your trash, car, complaints, dogs, friends and foes.

When does it come out? We publish it every summer so the information will
be fresh and accurate for the big turnover in apartments and homes in September.

How much will it cost me? $500 gets your business a listing on the back
page and a spot on the map. Becoming a sponsor of this brochure is most
effective for businesses that appeal to local residents. If your business
is primarily aimed at an audience off the Hill, you might want to consider
The Beacon Hill Visitor's Guide brochure and map instead. Information is
available on this web site about that guide.

How can I get in it? Call us at 617-523-9490 or email us at editor@beaconhilltimes.com.

Because of the size of the brochure, not many business sponsors can be listed.
A place on the map and a listing on the back are highly coveted.

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